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Curator Mode on Pandora AMP

Dernière mise à jour : 23 janv. 2023

A week ago, I discovered there was a curator mode on Pandora !

First I want to explain quickly the advantages for us, artists, to take some time managing our music on this platform, because we have easily significant results !

  1. Pandora : how it works and the benefits

When you are using a distributor, (Distrokid for me), this one send our music to pandora, apple, spotify, amazon...

But on Pandora, you need to connect on your AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) to submit your music to editorial team, once it is released (on spotify it is before the release date).

You also can feature a track. Here is an example :

On Pandora AMP, you have great statistics :

The station Adds data is very useful to see daily if our music is liked.

The map is quite different and more accurate than on spotify (only USA for Pandora, that is maybe the reason)

Here are some arguments in favor of Pandora:

  1. We get easily streams from our music, because Pandora's algorithm works very well.

  2. They add a lot of musics from indie artists in their editorial stations

  3. When you feature a track, there is a real incidence with more streams, adds, likes.

  4. The "Radio spins" mode is efficient (more than Spotify now)

After this quick presentation, I'm going to talk about curation mode on Pandora.

2. Curator Mode

First, you need to write to Pandora, to ask them to unlock the curator mode.

After this (it takes some days), you will see the curator mode on your profile :

I have set a "program", which is a playlist. (It can be a mixtape too).

I created a playlist from my spotify playlist "Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds" :

But I had to select manually, and for each track, the musics I want to add in my playlist on Pandora.

3 - 4 days later, there were already streams, when it's so difficult to have them on spotify with a new playlist !!!

But that's not the most impressive.

Here is the AWESOME data :

As you can see, we know how many people have listened, and how many people have skipped ! Very important data when you are curating a playlist, because we can see what track is liked, and what track isn't appreciated in the list !

I wish I had this data on Spotify !

I will check this day after day, but you can imagine all the possibilities to create the best playlist, if you can see what track you have to replace !

Yesterday, I have set up the "Thriller Reading" playlist, which is my most listened playlist on Spotify, and I will analyse the data on Pandora to make some changes on the Spotify list.

I think Pandora's listeners are no different than Spotify's ones.

Here is what I wanted to share with you !

Maybe I should have kept the info to myself?

Well, I'm not Picsou, I like sharing my little knowledge with you ! ^^

EDIT January 2023 : after 3 weeks :

Without doing anything (just adjusting the tracks in the playlist), the number of listeners is growing...

Happy New year 2023 !

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