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Daily Playlists : Good playlists to submit to !

Dernière mise à jour : 12 août 2022

Daily playlists is a great service to use to submit musics. But what are the good playlists, with listeners? A little selection for you !

A lot of playlists, in many genres ! But some of them are inactive (the website indicates that) or don't have regular listeners...

Here is a personal selection of active and interesting playlists, in ambient and / or (neo)classical music (to begin)

Good playlists on daily playlists in AMBIENT and (NEO)CLASSICAL MUSIC

It is a good way for me to thank them !

  1. Binaural Beats : Lucid Dreaming (Lullify Music Group)

Lullify owns a lot of very good playlists. For this one, I got near 300 listeners and 600 streams per month (for 2 Tracks : one in the middle of the playlist, the other at the end of it)

Other good playlists from Lulllify :

Pet Therapy (more classical music like solo piano music)

Astral Projection : Lucid Dreaming

2. Bedtime Piano (Kevin Kerrigan)

3. Post Rock | Ambient | Sleep | Chill (Davis Branch)

A very good playlist by my friend Davis.

4. Pure Ambient (H-Music)

5. Spa Retreat (Sherry Finzer)

6. The Sound of Space (Hari Maia)

7. Drift Off (LSR)

8. Calming Nature Ambience (Aatom)

Another friend's playlist, Aatom is a great artist in ambient music too.

9. Yoga Savasana Relax Meditation... (Lamat 8)

10. Crying to Classical (Emitha Playlists)

11. Peaceful Soft Piano Lullabies for sleep (François Maillard)

Another artist (Byebyefish) friend's playlist

12. Ambient Ocean Breeze (Bahrambient Records)

Small number of followers (173), but real listeners !

And here is the selection for today. I will update this list and share more good playlists in other genres.

I hope it will help you to find a place for your tracks ! You too can share your good playlists (on dailyplaylists) in the comments ! Thanks !

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