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Interview Cozoe

1. Can you present yourself? (Name, age, location, job, hobbies : music and..?)

My name is Christine, but in music I’m known as “Cozoe”. I’m 42 and come from Sweden. I am an associate Professor by occupation and a songwriter at heart! 😊 Music is my main hobby these days, as I’m 100% focused on my songwriting. I’m one half of the British-Swedish songwriting duo SyCoZ, consisting of me and the British songwriter/producer SyCC. We started working together last year and just started to release our music on Spotify.

2. Among your own musics, what is your favorite and why?

I can’t choose! My songs are like my babies. 😊 But since “I Do” by Diana is the song that was discovered by Raphaël, I will choose that track.

3. Tell us more about this track. How did you find the melody ? How long did it take to compose and record?

I wrote this song several years ago, so I can’t recall all the details, but I’ve written a lot of ballads like this one and I always compose them in the same manner, i.e. I sit down by my keyboard, find a chord progression that I like and start singing to it. Then the lyrics usually come fast. “I Do” is about fighting for the one you love, for better or worse. I produced the piano in Logic, created the harmonies and recorded my own vocals as a simple demo. In 2019, I joined the music collaboration site Kompoz, and this was the first song I uploaded, so that’s where my original demo with a full production was created. In 2020, I discovered Diana, and asked her if she wanted to record one of our songs. “I Do” was her first choice. SyCC did a phenomenal new production around my original piano and I recorded Diana’s vocals in my home studio. The song was just released on Spotify.

4. What are your next projects?

I’m looking forward to writing new songs and find new artists to sing them! I’ve done close to 50 songs with SyCoZ in just over one year, so we never seem to run out of inspiration! We started out doing ambient music, but these days we do everything from pop to rock.

5. What do you make to improve your playlists? To have more listeners?

I don’t have my own playlists but submit to other people’s playlists. I do promotion on social media and I especially enjoy making videos to go with our


6. What are your influences? Your artists friends on internet?

Jewel is the one who inspired me to start writing songs when I was about 18. I’ve mostly listened to and been inspired by singer-songwriters like Lisa Loeb, Seal and Emeli Sandé. My greatest inspiration in songwriting is my collaborations with SyCC.

7. These days, how to be known in music?

That’s the million-dollar question! These days, technology has made it easy for everyone to produce their own music, which is great, but it has also made it more difficult to cut through the noise. I believe in writing music you love and do everything you can to promote it. And if just someone listens to and likes my music, I’m glad!

Thanks to Christine very much for answering !

Rendez-vous next time for another interview.

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