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Interview Davis Branch (alias SleepSleepRepeat)

his month, we made an interview of Davis Branch, who is an inventive artist (See and listen the six tracks with a number - from 1 to 6 - as title).

SleepSleepRepeat : 662 followers - 3555 listeners per month

1. Can you present yourself? (Name, age, location, job, hobbies : music and..?)

My name is Davis Branch. I’m 36. I’m from Augusta GA. I’m a Writer/Producer/Music Teacher. I enjoy podcasts, tv shows, kayaking.

2. Who are your favourite artists?

My favorites bands are Hammock, Explosions in the sky, LANY, taking back Sunday, The Maine.

3. Among your own discography, what are your favourite tracks?

I like Boats Against the Current, 5, and Lunar. And I’m excited about 7 coming out next month too

4. Tell us more about "From the Edge of the Galaxy" (released next friday). How did you find the melody ?

Raf21 and I collaborated on this track. He made a foundation track and sent it over to me and I added some texture to it.

5. What are your next projects?

I have a few more collabs coming up. And I am continuing my monthly releases this year.

6. What do you make to improve your playlists? To have more listeners?

Playlisting is new to me. I find the best way to get listeners is to promote it on social media and add and tag artists that I include on it.

7. What are your influences? Your artists friends on internet?

My influences are Hammock and Explosions in the sky. My artist friends online are RAF21, Brannan Lane, Aatom, and Our Transient Lives. And I have a lot of friends in the country music world because that’s where I write and produce for other artists.

8. These days, how to be known in music?

The best way to be known in music these days is to have a good social media presence.

Thank you Davis !

Follow him on Spotify

Discover his great playlist Post Rock Ambient Sleep Chill

Musical News - June, 18th 2021

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