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Musical News 9 : May 2021

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mai 2021

In this new number of our online magazine, discover the selection of 10 tracks in this blog version.

Now you can listen directly in the browser the selected musics. Tell me in comments if you prefer this version.

EVOLVING - Sylvain Millepied

A fantastic melody played by the flute, a professionnal recording and a perfect orchestration.


Fantasy music, with all the sensitivity that characterizes Karen's work. Listen to the instrumental version too, my favorite one !

WICKED GAME - Daisy Gray

A great version of Chris Isaak's hit, listen !

DARK NORDIC DRAMAE - Alien Orchestra

Wow ! Totally my cup of tea ! I loooove this drak cinematic music. It's deep, very good recording, and awesome instrumentation.

MELANCHOLIA IV - Rikard Mathisson, Marc Vliegen

A Rikard's beautiful piano music, with a great instrumentation made by Marc Vliegen.

ERIN - Sharon Chen

You know Sharon's music : inventive, emotive. And virtuosity in this one !


A LoFi version of Erik Satie's famous music ! Interesting and very well produced.

ADIEUS - Catty L.

Floating and Flying impression in this aetherial music.

MOONLIGHT NIGHT - Angelo Nicola Giuliano

Calm and beautiful solo piano music, with a lot of musicality and a great interpretation.

SOLITUDE - Francisco Casarotti

If you like solo piano music with beautiful and sad melodies, you will love this one !!

Thank you for reading. I will add the interview in a few days. Vive la musique ! You can listen to all these tracks (and others) in this playlist :

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