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Musical News 10 (June 2021)

Discover the new selection of good musics in various genres : #rock #pop #classical #neoclassical #orchestral #electro #lofi ! And the interview of Like What !

10 tracks to listen

1) New Sacha's release : beautiful melody, played with a high sense of musicality. A masterpiece !

2) Do you like LoFi music ? You will love the atmosphere of this one, and the melody !

3) And now, a good rock music, with great guitar riffs !

4) Do you want neoclassical music ? The next track is for you ! Great recording, awesome orchestration by Julia Vasiliev. You can read on her website :

She is a Canadian film composer and pianist. Currently writing music for short films, video games, commercials, and promotional clips.

Having worked as an Office Manager and Music Composer at Systema HQ Toronto and as a Production Coordinator and Music Composer at BoomBox Sound (Audio Post Production) and at Inception Sound (Audio Production), her skills in administration and music production go hand in hand.

Starting her education in classical piano at the age of 6, Julia has continued her studies throughout high school and pursued her education in the Applied Composition program at University of Guelph. Julia has 15 years of singing experience at the Holy Trinity church choir and sung in the University of Guelph Symphonic Choir.

Julia Vasiliev is based in Toronto, Canada.

5) Adi Shakti by Earth Stone is a very relaxing song, inspired by yoga musics and ambiances.

6) Great atmosphere in this lofi music too, with an awesome Saxophone sound !

7) Very original and personal music by Madishu, a young artist to discover now !

8) The first collaboration between Raf21 and SleepSleepRepeat, which has gained 500 streams in one week !

9) The latest Karen's release, always a pleasure for our ears !

10) And if you like the Beatles, the new track from Martin Valins is perfect to sing, dance and enjoy the life !

I have added some of these tracks in the "MUSICAL NEWS" Official Playlist :

Interview : LIKE WHAT

Their Debut album 'Avant-Garde' was released on May 20th, so we made an interview with Like What.

1. Tell us about Like What.

Like What is a real quarantine project. I had been working on some songs for a while but when the pandemic hit and my life turned upside down during the lockdown, I just had a lot of free time all of a sudden. Music was really one of the things keeing me busy and sane. I took some demos and decided to finish the production.

2. What is your musical background (instruments, studies...)?

Guitar is my first instrument, since my teenage years. I played at music schools and in some cover bands... I took courses and workshops about music theory and songwriting.

Synth came in the picture very recently. When I found myself working on songs alone, I fell in love with its versatility. I am far from being a great keyboard player, I worked a lot with midi edit. The concept was to blend synths and guitar in the final sound. Some songs are more synth-heavy, some are with more guitar.

3. What is your creative process when working on your music?

I usually lay down the foundations of the music first and writing the lyrics after. My favorite lyricists write mostly about their personal emotions. I write a bit differently, my lyrics are based on movies - mostly horror and film noir. These are movies with stark imagery, which can trigger a lot of emotions. I am trying to paint these images with very few words and let the music do the rest.

4. Who are your favourite artists?

I am listening to different kinds of music, but my main influences are Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Divison... But there are great bands in today's music scene as well: the projects of Hante, Ash Code, Diary of Dreams, She Past Away, Buzz Kull... so much great music out there.

5. Among your own discography, what are your favourite tracks?

Tough question, but maybe Tired (Of Missing You) is what I like the most. The melody and the lyrics complement each other well and capture those moments when you are lying in the dark, half asleep, half awake, thinking of someone... and the playful synth outro closes the song nicely, which later comes back on the album as a reprise.

6. What are your next projects?

After working so much with synths, I am thinking about an Unplugged EP - some songs with acoustic guitar and piano maybe. Old songs, new songs... to make it interesting and a bit different.

7. What are your influences? Your artists friends on internet?

Oh, that is one of the best parts of releasing songs! Some people start following your social media because they are listening to your songs. And other musicians also start following you, because they are interested in your work, from a different point of view. I met amazing people through music - from all around the world: Brazil, Italy, the US... they send me a note, question or comment about a song, and I do the same. I think the community of independent musicians is incredibly strong. I really didn't know this before and it was a really positive surprise for me.

8. These days, how to be known in music?

I wish I knew! But it seems to me that a good social media presence is inevitable.

Thank you!

Follow Like What on Spotify:

Listen to their debut album on your favorite platform:

Check out the music video of 'Drowing in your Eyes':

Thank you for reading and see you for the next number of Musical News !

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