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Musical News 11 - Special Discoveries of the Month

Dernière mise à jour : 6 juil. 2021

Here is a special issue of our Online Magazine, dedicated to the great discovers of the Month. Tell us what do you think about this little musical jewels !

Let's begin with an heart stroke : Diana, from Sweden, just begins on Spotify (only 46 listeners per month) but yes, we are sure she will be famous in a few weeks ! Great and very beautiful music !

Elektrografik just arrived on Spotify too. This track is stunning too ! Listen to the marvelous voice !!

In another genre, Joe Vitale JR has composed this thrilling soundtrack music, perfect for my "Thriller Reading" playlist ! The strings, the percussive elements, a great dark atmosphere.

And now, a chilling music, very cool and fresh, with soft and dynamic beats. The melody is great too !

Do you want to be featured in the next number of Musical News ?

Submit your music for free here :

You can listen to these artists in two playlists :

NEW RELEASES (593 likes)

CALM& RELAX MELODIES (1702 followers)

See you later for the next issue !

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