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Musical News 12/06/2021

Here are the new selection of musics you have to listen to !

1. First, Karen's new release. As melodious as always, so beautiful !

2. Here is a real and great discover ! Listen how the orchestration is perfect, and how it sounds good ! An epic orchestral music, which could be in a movie, for sure !

3. Everybody (I mean, "indie artists on Spotify") know Holly Jones, her work and her artistic creations. Here is the latest : beautiful, as usual !

4. Now, one of my favourite artists on Spotify ! Sylvain Millepied's new track is original, minimalist, perfect to fall asleep, or to relax !

5. Remembrance (Sacha Hoedemaker)

This is what he wrote about this new music : "It's finally here! My new release 'Remembrance'. I'm thinking back to my inner child, the lessons I've learned and how much I've grown. Sit back for a moment and do the same. You're absolutely worth it!"

Yes, the music allows this instrospection. Thank you Sacha !

6. I like very much opeNWave's work. This new release's realization is perfect !

7. Emmrose. Remember this name. She will be famous in a few weeks. A real artist !

8. Lynn Tredeau is a very nice woman, supporting on the social medias the other artists. And she is a stunning pianist and artist. "Dreaming Tree" is very beautiful.

9. Want to listen a very relaxing music? Just before going to bed? Here is the perfect music for you :

10. And the last - but not the least - my friend Brandon's fresh tune : it's exotic, fun, and dancing !

Want to listen to more ? Here is the "New Releases" playlist, with a lot of good musics :

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