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Musical News 13 - Ghislain Fossey

Here is the new issue of our Online Magazine, with an interview of Ghislain Fossey and fresh new discoveries ! (Isabel Woods, Elane, Lisa Cullum, Julie Hanney, Becky Ainge..)

Listen directly in the browser the 15 first tracks, and read the comments below.

Allergy Seasons by Isabel Woods

That is a fresh pop song ! I love the singer's voice and the musical production.

And you ?

Espiica is a young russian-italian-peruvian singer and songwriter. Her new track Next We Bleed is real nice and intimate song.

Bloom is an australian singer gaining acclaim for her smooth deep vocals and her fresh ambient pop sound. Love is a Lie is a total success !

Believe by Anna Green is a dynamic song with a lot of rythmical variations and vocal changes.

You certainly know Elane's music, and if you like fantasy genre, this new track is for you ! Elane gives us again a fantastic interpretation in Scarborough Fair.

More classical but very beautiful too, Anchor by Jennifer Juliette mix the voice with piano, strings and choirs. Nice !

All is forgotten by Valeska Rautenberg is another great classical crossover music ! Beautiful voice and magical piano ! Listen at 1'04 how it is marvelous !!!

One Step at a Time is the latest Becky Ainge's solo piano music. As good as usual !! Great melody, perfect interpretation. A jewel !

Julie Hanney composed a new solo piano music too, and I love this one, like the previous tracks... Signs of Hope is light, melodious with a touch of innocence which takes me back in my chidhood.

Nicke Sivgard Holgersson's musics are always inspired and emotionnal. Faithful is a solo piano which takes you away, far from our problems. Thank you !

I love the new music "Beginnings" from Lisa Cullum ! The strings behind the piano are so great !

It's cinematic and full of emotions !

Listening Wind is the other name of Have a Cigar, this one for solo piano music. Do you like Into the Lens? I do !

Umea Bodo's music is very particular, with an original piano's sound. take a listen to Noblesse and his dramatic mood : intense !

And for finish the musical discoveries, two soundtrack musics ! First, Driving to See Dr Char by Amaury Laurent Bernier is a great theme played by a piano with a nice orchestral accompaniement.

And Une Ombre is the latest music for the "In Tenebris" project by Raf21. This track is a collaboration with Blaned and will take you in a dark and thrilling's atmosphere.

Good listening !

Interview : Ghislain Fossey

Musical News meets a french artist, new on Spotify.

1. Can you present yourself?

I am Ghislain Fossey, 37-year-old lyricist, composer and performer. I

currently live in Nîmes, originally from Seine-et-Marne. And I have been

passionate about music and literature since my childhood.

2. Among your own musics, what is your favorite and why?

This is a song called "Sybarite". Why ? Because I totally confess my

personality in this track.

3. Tell us more about this track. How did you find the melody ? How long

did it take to compose and record?

It is a text in which I expand somewhat on my inner nature, on a certain

philosophy of life.

The melody was born quite quickly. I wanted something sexy for this song.

I then wrote the text quickly as well. Then I did the sound recordings.

Finally, I think it took a week to fully create this song.

4. What are your next projects?

I'm going to finish making my first album. I will soon present my new single

on television in the TV show "Le JLPP", presented by Jacky who cohosted

"Le Club Dorothée" before being the presenter of "Platine 45" and

"the Jacky Show" in the 80s / 90s.

5. What do you make to improve your playlists? To have more listeners?

To be honest, I'm just discovering this part of the job. I was lucky to bump

into you and thank you again for your help. Otherwise, I use social

networks to share my creations.

6. What are your influences? Your artists friends on internet?

I am generally influenced by the 80s / 90s variety. I really like the universe

of Étienne Daho, Mylène Farmer, Depeche Mode. But also Serge

Gainsbourg, Renaud ... So many artists who have succeeded in imposing a

universe with effort, provocation and talent.

I am lucky to have in my contacts artists such as Emilie Marsh (the

guitarist of singer Dani), but also Marie-Amélie Seigner (sister of Mathilde

and Emmanuelle Seigner) who is also a singer. And there is also the

producer of the show "Le JLPP" who is a drummer and with whom I enjoy

chatting from time to time.

7. These days, how to be known in music?

I think we have to know how to stand out. We must dare, we must not let

ourselves be overwhelmed by doubts. We have to believe in ourselves.

And at the same time, make the public want to continue the adventure

with us.

Thank you Ghislain and best wishes !

Follow him on Instagram and on Youtube !

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See you later for the next issue !

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