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Musical News 14 - Karen Biehl

Here is the new issue of our Online Magazine, with a new release from Karen Biehl and fresh new discoveries ! (Berintz, Brique a Braq, Bailey Perrie, Sylvain Millepied, Pieter Savenberg...)

Listen directly in the browser the 15 first tracks, and read the comments below.

Rosemary's baby (Main Theme) by Karen Biehl

A new music by Karen is always an event, and not just for me! The last one is wonderfully disturbing, with instruments bordering on dissent. Great art!

Dancing Trees, by Berintz

I discovered this artist this week. Listen to his song, I loved it and I think you too will like the musicality and the audio production.

Cuna for Solo Piano by Sacha Hoedemaker

So there ... What a magnificent piece! Very smooth, with an harmonic progression throughout the piece just perfect! A real treat for the ears and our senses.

Massy Palaiseau, by Brique a Braq / Shawn Williams

The title awakes my curiosity, because I’m french and I live near Paris, so..

Very very beautiful solo piano music ! It made me think about Yann Tiersen’s work. Great job !

My Way Out of the Dark by Bailey Perrie

Another great discovery this week with this young Australian singer. The voice is pure and the melody transported me.

Someone like you by Kristoffer Wallin

Kristoffer's music can be found very often in my playlist. This new piece is faithful to the well-asserted style: a beautiful melody, very simple, perfectly performed.

Pempelfort 4am by Thomas Kessler

We can recognize here perfectly the taste of Thomas for minimalist music, which plays with virtuosity on the line of monotony before developing a very beautiful melody.

Empathy - Solo piano version by Lise Jonsson

Lise is also often part of my selection of new releases. I love this new song! The tones found are magnificent.

Don't forget by Sylvain Millepied / Eva Brönner

Music which associates the piano with the cello is always very delicate to compose. The flute mingles with the duo for very beautiful contrasts. The end is just sublime.

Return by Pieter Savenberg

Do you know Pieter's music? Indispensable in the category of solo pianos. We let ourselves be transported and we travel on the touched notes.

The Space Between, by Thomas Erwin / Jon Hart

Come on, some guitar now! Accompanied by some piano notes, in a very "ambient" genre, there we dream and we let ourselves be carried away in a quiet atmosphere.

What could have been by Rikard Mathison

A sad melody, with a melancholy that transpires from the piano and the pianist. Letting go of sadness is often the best way to regain enthusiasm and what we call the small pleasures of life. Heart touching !

Timeless Twilight by Unapologetically Melodic

Choirs, violins, and a cinematic atmosphere, with a repeated theme that stays in our heads for a long time.

Rosemary's Empty Box by Roger Evernden

It's Rosemary Night! A cleverly constructed piece, with everything you need for musicality. The interpretation flirts with improvisation, I love it, we stay suspended on the notes that are going to be played.

Cloud Number 9 by Padre Toxico

And finally, a little piece of Padre Toxico to wake us up a bit. A music at the crossroads of genres, very original, which mixes the influence of Lofi with a post rock atmosphere. A successful mix!

After all these tracks, you could listen and appreciate a lot of well-know artists like :

Hillside Recording (very beautiful music)

Justus Rümenapp (great pianist)

Spacecraft (I love this artist !!)

Jürg Kindle (the famous guitar !)

Jakub Szybiak (a nice orchestral music !)

And many others !

Do you want to be featured in the next number of Musical News ?

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You can listen to these artists in two playlists :


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See you later for the next issue !

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