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Musical News 15 - Finnegan Tui

Here is the new issue of our Online Magazine, with a new release from Finnegan Tui and fresh new discoveries ! (Byebyefish, Thomas Kessler, Becky Ainge, Christopher Galovan, NSH, Nylonwings, Melinda Süto...)

Again, a lot of good musics this week ! Listen to the first track by Finnegan Tui, how deep and impressive it is !

Some very beautiful solo piano musics by some of my internet friends : Byebyefish (finally !) with a great melody - I'm impatient to listen to the poem version - Thomas Kessler and Becky Ainge (great new tracks !!).

I also have discovered an artist : Melinda Suto. Listen to the track (The Rain and You), it's so musical, quite cinematic !

New instrumental musics from Fawaris, Chris Palmer, Nylonwings, Christopher Galovan, Electrance and Walter MMari.

And new songs with Sophie Janna, Emily Pello, Coldplay, Llena, AliveTeen, Pinky Z and NSH.

For the cinematic music, you MUST listen to Sami Vuorensola latest track (in position 18 in the playlist) : what an epic music ! Perfect !!

I like more an more being a playlister and share my musical discoveries with you.

You can listen to these artists in two playlists :


You (Netflix) Season 3 (358 followers) Did you watch this serie ? The Season 3 is out next friday on Netflix !

See you later for the next issue !

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