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Musical News 16 - Martin Valins

Dernière mise à jour : 23 oct. 2021

Here is the new issue of our Online Magazine, with a new release from Martin Valins and fresh new discoveries in some of my playlists.

NEW RELEASES - 1900 followers

Tracks you must listen to :

- Lay, Martin Valins : his new track !

- Relax Time (Birds) : a relaxing melody with pads and birds in background.

- Il sogno di Medea, Diego Spitaleri : great reverb on the solo piano !

- Emberthorne, Brandon & Derek Fiechter : perfect track for Halloween !

- Nature Boy, Nuno Freitas : what a beautiful voice & melody !

- The Gentle Dance of Leaves, Stephen Weber : Inspiring piano music for this fall.

- Praying Moment, by Julia Thomsen (remix) : you never heard this genre from Julia ! ^^

- Herbstfarben, Thomas Kessler : almost a cinematic music !

NORDIC & VIKING SPIRIT - 2269 followers

This week, I have added the latest music by Chalmeris (Chris Palmer) : The Lady of Shalott. It is a D&D music, perfect for a tavern moment. The instrumentation is great !

THRILLER READING - 3240 followers

3 new tracks in this very particular playlist.

- Karen Biehl : The House of Karen. There is a fantom in her house, and it's beautifully scary ! ^^

- Disconnect, by Rumors of Fires. A lot of inventive soundscapes and FX for a disturbing atmosphere.

- 10, by Sleepsleeprepeat. Not very thrilling, but a nice music to breathe in this dark playlist.

CALM & RELAX MELODIES - 2573 followers

A lot of great classics added this week !

The animals, George Michael, Chicago, Barbra Streisand, Bee Gees, Eric Carmen (yes yes, you maybe don't know this name, but you know this music), Joan Baez, Louis Armstrong, Eagles, Aaron (U-Turn Lili : great music!), Elton John, Noa, Billy Joel...


A few days before Halloween. Here is a selection of spooky musics, with recent additions.

- All the tracks from the great album by Fiechter's brothers : Spooky Tales.

- MONSTERS INK : nice dark pop music !

-160923 by New Mountain : a very original trip !!!


1. How long have you been making music? and for how long on Spotify?

I began making music at a very early age - and began trying (unsuccessfully) to write songs at the age of 10 when my parents first bought me a guitar - it was no more than a toy made of metal with four nylon strings - but I was hooked.

It was when I was at Art college that I began to seriously learn the craft of songwriting. My first release on Spotify was in 2016 with the album Floating. Which has since remastered and reissued. (

2. I know that the Beatles are among your musical influences. What is your Fab Four favorite album?

Great question as my favorite Beatle album changes so much - They are all incredible albums - but Revolver seems to have been the one that took us out of earth orbit.

3. Lennon or McCartney?

Very difficult to assess - Lennon left us way too soon and we will never know what he would have given us. During their time as Beatles its hard to better I am The Walrus or In My Life - but then again you have Penny Lane Yesterday and so on - so I must say I love them both.

4. What instruments do you play? And how do you record yourself ?

I am primarily a guitarist but can find my way around a keyboard and try hard to be a bass guitarist - I have a home studio so I am able to record engineer and produce our music.

5. Tell us about Monica Bergo...

Monica Bergo is perhaps best known as an actress who creates a fantasy world with videos to accompany her music. Based In Milan Italy she has created a world of magical images that has drawn wide comparisons ranging from Syd Barrett to Kate Bush because of her unorthodox song structures and her dance imagery.

Her songs are extraordinary as they do not follow the structures of folk or rock but instead lean towards an operatic framework with lyrics that are dense and go deep into exploring the dark shadows of loneliness isolation and unrequited love.

I am incredibly lucky that I discovered her music and even more that she is my songwriting partner.

How do you work with her?

Its a fully collaborative process - it works on many levels - She may have a song such as La Principessa which I arranged and produced - on other songs I may have a half of a song that Monica will help me complete - In each case we make 1+1 =3.

Most of all its a stimulating and creative process.

Do you write the lyrics?

We both contribute lyrics to our joint songs and I write the lyrics to my own songs.

6. How have streaming services changed the musical industry ? What artists can do today to be listened?

Great question - Before streaming and the digital age - you really had to secure a record deal in order to get your music heard beyond performing live. So there was this barrier you had to get past first. - The only advantage was if you were successful - you could earn a lot of money in royalties.

Now we have the opposite where it’s a lot easier to get your music out there - but the disadvantage is even if you build a large audience the financial return is minimal. Hopefully this will improve.

7. Did you meet some good artists / people on internet?

Yes I enjoy discovering new music from artists all around the world - it just amazes me how much talent is out there.

8. You live now in USA, what do you miss about England?

I don’t really miss England too much but I do miss Europe particularly France Italy and Spain. I think that is my spiritual home.

9. What is your own favorite track and Why?

I am very proud of The Keeper - ( as a song that has many textures Monica did such a beautiful job if you listen to her vocals and harmonies - the video is a lot of fun too. We have a number of new songs in the can that we cannot wait to release.

10. Apart from pop/rock, what genre of music do you listen to?

I love Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending or Fantasia On A Theme By Thomas Tallis they remind me of England. Also I’m a huge fan of Miles Davis.

I hope and invite your readers to check out our respective web sites for more information on our music and Monica’s theatre work.

Thank you Martin !

See you later for the next issue !

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