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Musical News 18

Today I want to share with you some of my recent musical discoveries.

Solys - Don't panic

A very soft and relaxing ambient music. The guitar at the middle of the track is awesome. A pure sound !

Bartleby - L'amour réaliste

A bit of freshness with this pretty piece of French variety, in the same style as Alain Souchon, as poetic and well written. The chorus is so good !

Melinda Süto - Sea of Stars

If you don,t know Melinda's work yet, this music will make you want to listen to more. The strings are so beautiful ! You will love the melody and the piano's sound.

RAF21 - Walking in Mafate

Music inspired by last summer's trip in La Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. An ambient music with orchestral instruments. There is a "nature version" too, with sounds of birds.

Sami Vuorensola - Farewell My Faithful Friend

If you like epicore / epic soundtracks music, it is for you ! A great music, with powerful choirs and instrumentation.

Julie Lamb Outfit - Clock Strikes

The two voices are perfect together, and the orchestration is various and rich. The chorus is great, with a catchy melody. I love the work on the instrumentation part : clever and brilliant ! The saxophon solo is awesome with these piano notes. A great work !


Rendez-vous next month for new musics !


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