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Musical News 19

Today I want to share with you some of my recent musical discoveries.

Musics added to "Thriller Reading"

Guillermo Martorell - Sigo Aqui

1'35 of pleasure. I like the sound of the piano, the dark strings slowly coming... Great atmosphere, very cinematic and mysterious. At 0'38, when the string section arrives, it is awesome ! Listen, you'll see (well, you will hear it ^^)

Nico Voith - Freedom

I like the atmosphere in this soundtrack. The end is very beautiful with these piano notes, after the harmonic progression all along the track. A lot of tension, but staying in a mysterious and soft mood. I have added it to my "thriller Reading" playlist, because it can be a "break" for the listeners, and maintain the suspense however.

Musics added to "The Sound of Ambient"

Maussene - A New Hope

Beautiful music for your ambient playlists. Deep pads, soft and fast piano notes, great atmosphere !

Matt Tondut - For Now, Rest

Matt is a great ambient music artist, you can constate here with this deep atmosphere.

Music added to "Relaxing Musics with Nature Sounds"

RAF21 - Self Empathy (Night Version)

Nature sounds mixed with soft and relaxing synths. You can hear some orchestral instruments in the background (harp, strings...)

Musics added to "Calm & Relax Melodies"

Hemp & Denim - Stay

A great sense of the melody, in relation with the lyrics, the rhythm of the sentences. The music seems to be completely natural, inspiring and inspired. As a Beatles fan, I like it very much !! The instrumentation is perfect, the choirs too, and I love the beat variations. Beautiful song, with a lot of rich harmonies from different instruments. A masterpiece !

Alessia Cara - Out of Love

Alessia already have more than 16 millions of monthly listeners.

A beautiful voice, and perfect instrumental accompaniement. I like the pizzicato at the end of the song and the choirs.

New playlist : Relaxing Music with Night Sounds

Rendez-vous next month for new musics !

Next friday, inspired by Thomas Newman's American Beauty : Ambient cinematic music.

Thank you for presaving it !


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