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Musical News 19 : Calm & Relax Piano updated.

Tracks added to the "Calm & Relax Piano" playlist. Tips to submit to playlists.

Tips to submit to my playlists.

- Don't submit your track to several playlists of mine : usually, I only add it to one playlist, maybe two, but not more...

- Listen to the playlist before submitting, to be sure it is the genre of music I am looking for.

(I reveive a lot of musics which aren't for the right playlist...)

- Share and listen to the playlist (4/5 tracks before your track in the playlist and 4/5 tracks after : very good for the algorithm concerning your music and the playlist) when you are added : the curator will more easily accept the next tracks you will submit later... The curator will have a positive impression with this artist's name !

Submit your music to "Calm & Relax Piano" playlist (1140 followers)

  1. The latest piano music from Byebyefish. I had the chance to listen to it in live, and I am sure you will feel all the emotion in this track.

2. Nice discovery with this track by a norwegian piano player : Kjetil Jerve..

3. Another discovery, with an artist named Canovass :

4. Virtuosity and sensibility in this beautiful piano piece, composed and played by italian artist Daniel Spadini !

5. Piano music in the ambient mood : very atmospheric, with a lot of reverb, like in Vangelis "La petite fille et la mer". I like it ! This kind of piano music is good for my playlist !

6. A very soft piano music, by Miguel Pérez.

7. A beautiful melody, with rhythm variations and a good musicality, by Eduardo Gutiérrez.

8. Calm and peaceful music by Jade Ashtangini.

I am happy to share my latest musical discoveries with you. Which one did you prefer? Have a good day !

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