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Musical News [ Special Issue ] : Fabian Audisio

I made a contest last month. To win : a special issue of Musical News, 100% devoted to the winner.

Let discover the musical world of Fabian Audisio !


A very beautiful solo piano piece. Listen at 0'57 how soft and delicate is the interpretation, with a delightful rallentando : marvelous !


This is Fabian's favorite track among all he composed (read the interview at the end of the page). The melody seems to be natural, thanks to all the work behind this instrumental piece. The part played by the violins is brilliant.


If you want to have time for reflection, introspection, this calm and peaceful melody is for you. Personnally, it makes me think about life, time passing, with some melancholy and nostalgic feelings.


This one is more happy, more dynamic, there is a lot of life is this music ! Exciting !


Finally, this track shows the extent of Fabian's talents, both in interpretation and inspiration. It's classical but very cinematic too !

If you have liked this selection, follow him on Spotify and listen to the other tracks :

You can also listen to his great playlist, with his selection of solo piano music :

Interview (28th August)

Can you present yourself?

I´m Fabian Audisio, 53, from Argentina, where I work in technology and automation, use to spend major part of my time in the family, likes running and sports, and I love music since I was little! My great passion is the piano, starting with rock and roll and in recent years enjoying playing instrumental music with a lot of influence from regional folk rhythms from Latin America, tango, etc.

Among your own musics, what is your favorite and why?

My favorite song is no doubt… the next one to come ... but of the already known ones I really like immigrants, which was released this year 2021, but composed at the end of the 80s as a ballad with music and lyrics ... This year I made several changes to it and turned it into a neoclassical song with a lot of depth and feeling.

Tell us more about this track. How did you find the melody ? How long did it take to compose and record?

The melody was put together as a cadence that plays in a basic way, but with great depth. I started modifying it in February 2021 and it took 3 months to record it.

What are your next projects?

I'm recording 2 unreleased songs of my own, both composed in 2021 but with long-standing ideas. Apart from those 2 songs, I'm also recording some covers that have marked my life as a musician, and I want to capture them as instrumentals.

What do you make to improve your playlists? To have more listeners?

To have more listeners I think that social networks are fundamental, as well as the relationship with musicians from all over the world, which undoubtedly helps to improve the playlists themselves, but also to achieve penetration of my music. Achieving more listeners is undoubtedly the greatest challenge for today's musician, and curators play a very strong role there, and the relationship with them.

What are your influences? Your artists friends on internet?

My musical influences mainly come from the fusion between the music that I mostly listen to, which is very varied (international rock, Latin rhythms, and a lot of folklore and tango). Lately I must add to these influences the fact of knowing and having musician friends from many parts of the world, who help my influence and musical taste to expand.

These days, how to be known in music?

As I mentioned before, to become known musically, currently social networks play a preponderant role, and they are key when it comes to making artists and their songs known. Social networks, and the relationship with curators, I believe are the key so that every independent musician can promote her work.

Thank you very much Fabian !

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