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New Releases December 2021 : Sacha Hoedemaker

The latest but not the last Musical News in 2021. Great discoveries again, and new weelky covers for this playlist. This time, focus on Sacha Hoedemaker.

Let's begin with Sacha's music : "Rhapsody" remastered this year. Always this quality of the interpretation, with a lot of musicality. If you want, you can compare the versions :

I love the instrumental version, listen at 1'30 here :

The melody will stay in your mind :)

Angele and her latest hit "Demons" is still in top position in this playlist.

The videoclip is awesome ! Great realisation !

In third position, my latest release, in collaboration with Karen Biehl. I am a fan of Karen's work, so, imagine how happy I was when she accepted to collaborate with me on this project "In Tenebris" (the album will be released in february or march).

After this dark ambient music, here is my favorite music of december :

You MUST listen to it, it is so beautiful !!!

There isn't much informations about Cristobal, but he will release a new music each month and I am already waiting for the next one...

I have selected a felt piano music by Michael Janzen "In the Bleak Winter", a sweet and sad melody, perfect for winter nights.

"Echoes of Light" by Gabriel Thomas is a great ambient music, almost cinematic, hypnotic. Close your eyes and let the music guide your senses...

"Dream Sphere" is an original music, with soft beats and electronic influences with a very nice female voice at moments.

I have selected 3 solo piano musics, by Pascal Vogt, Mattia Gregio and Mark W Griffiths. The 3 tracks have a nice melody : enjoy !

"Circulos" by Igor Ferreira is so mysterious, melancholic, this music won't let you indifferent !

Do you want some guitar music, with a celtic touch? "Saudade" is for you ! By Patrick Zelinski and Ryan Dimmock !

I finish with my friend's latest song : "The Great Wall" by Elane. Always this beautiful voice, ethereal, and the perfect instrumentation. A marvelous trip in another country, another time.

And in this playlist, you will be able to listen to my friends on internet :

- Sharon Chen

- Derek & Brandon Fiechter

- Karl Edh

- Sleepsleeprepeat (with whom I collaborate on "From the Edge of the Galaxy")

- Thomas Kessler

- Angelo Nicola Giuliano

- Martin Valins

- Lisa Cullum

- Valeska Rautenberg

- Julie Hanney

- François Mathian

- Ante Sviric

- Gregory Paul Mineff

And if you want to submit your music to the playlist for this week, here you can :

Rendez-vous next week with a new cover featuring a new artist !

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