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NEW RELEASES : Playlist updated (august 2021)

Listen to great musical discoveries and good new music !

We begin with THE album of the month : Billie Eillish "Happier Than Ever". People wer waiting for it, and some of the tracks have already reached 400 millions of streams !

Quiet Streams - Jordi Forniés

Jordi Forniés have composed this awesome solo piano music. A masterpiece ! Very, very beautiful solo piano music, with a remarkable interpretation, a lot of musicality. I fell in love with the melody.

More - Finnegan Tui

I love Finnegan's voice ! The dark accompaniement is stunning and original. It's not a genre I use to listen, but I like it very much ! Very interesting artistic creation.

George Strezov - Memories of a Distant Life

Great melody played by violins. The instrumentation is perfect ! Almost cinematic by moments, the music tell us a lot of feelings. In one word, it’s beautiful !

In Tenebris - RAF21

First track from the future album inspired by the second tome of the trilogy by Maxime Chattam. Dark & minimalist soundtrack, composed to accompany the reading of thriller books.

Embracing - Stephen Weber

The last music of his "-ING" serie. A sad and beautiful melody played with a lot of sensibility with the piano.

You need to believe - Elian Bittencourt

Great musical work ! I liked the melody, the perfect instrumentation and orchestration. The harmonies are beautiful ! It’s peaceful and very inspired. Thank you for this relaxing moment !

An Old Flame Never Dies - Frankie Paloma

Very nice melody, perfectly sung ! The electro accompaniement is rich and various, we never get bored listening to this song. Great work ! I like the lyrics too. Nice end.

Refined - One Guild

Perfect music for RPG / DnD / Video Games playlists ! It's epic and well produced.

Anxiety - Nykoluke

An original rythmic track, with a simple catching melody.

Easy Answer - Francisco Sola

A very beautiful song, so sweet !

Deep Heart - Richard Dobeson

A rich and clever composition, with a lot of variations in the instruments and the rythms. Very interesting !

Past Life - Shayan Regan

A heart-breaking song ! A lot of emotion in the voice...

Listen to all these musics in the Musical News Official Playlist :

And if you want to be featured in the next Musical News issue, you can submit your music to this playlist for free here :

Vive la musique !


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