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Musical News 17 : Listen & Submit

Dernière mise à jour : 12 nov. 2021

Here you will be able to listen to the playlists, discover the latest musics added and submit your music, directly on this page ! And this month, the artist's spotlight is on Edoardo Gastaldi !

ARTIST OF THE MONTH : Edoardo Gastaldi

Negative Entropy is his first release on Spotify, but Edoardo already has almost 1000 listeners ! Listen to the mysterious and beautiful atmosphere, mixing a deep piano and ethereal pads. Follow this young artist to discover his future projects.


Submit music to this playlist :


  1. SPA Music (522 followers)

New Entries in the TOP 10 :

- Drifting Beyond by Harmonic Pathways, Nature on Record

- Elevate your vibration by Ivan Namasté

Perfect musics for my playlist's genre !

Submit your music for this playlist :

2. Calm & Relax Melodies (2 604 followers)

New Entries :

- Crashing Down by Tayrn : beautiful way to sing, very softly !

- Not exactly Sad by Suzy Callahan : here again, you will fall in love with her voice, with this great melody.

- Guess This, by The Marica Frequency : wait (0'50) to hear this angel's voices !

- 10.000 Ships by While I Wonder : piano, voice and soft rock instrumentation.

- Compass, by The Bare Bones : a chill instrumental track !

And my favorite one : you MUST listen to it :

- Witchcraft by Vian Izak : MASTERPIECE !!

Submit your music for this playlist here :

3. Night Music (1 488 followers)

Entries in the TOP10

- Where your mind runs to, by Aatom : very soft piano and night sounds

- The Last in Line, by Vann's Nebula : quiet synths and soft electric guitar

- Drops, by QUELCHE : what a surrounding cocoon !

- Peaceful Sea, by Alessandro Minci & Marco Miele : awesome guitar & piano on the waves sound.

Submit your music for this playlist :

4. Raf21 & Friends (624 followers)

Entries in the TOP10 :

- Danse du Coeur by Karen Biehl : wow ! Romantic, impressionnist piano music, with - as usual - a great sense of the melody and the harmonic progression.

- No Place Like Home by Fawaris : a very nice soft / felt piano music

Submit your music for this playlist :

5. Thriller Reading (3 483 likes)

Entries in the TOP10 of the playlist :

- Opening by West Dylan Thordson

- Main Title by Alan Silvestri

- It Hears You by Marco Beltrami

- The Concrete Cell by Bear Mc Creary (the composer of Walking Dead soundtrack)

After listening these tracks, you know what kind of music I am lookinf for this playlist.

If you have a music which can match, submit your music for this playlist here :

6. New Releases (2 093 followers)

New entries :

- Vivaldi Variation by Julie Hanney : so delicate and full of emotions, that is music !

- Silent Night by Karen Biehl : how clever is this arrangement, listen to the left hand.

- Kick It in the Shadows by Lainey Dionne : a fresh pop music !

- Called to Say Hey by La La Life, who are often in this playlist.

- Beginnings by Lisa Cullum : a beautiful and sad instrumental music.

You can submit your new releases here :

Here are the updates for these playlists.

You can submit for all my playlists on this page :

And join us on the Facebook Page to be featured in the next number of Musical News !

See you later for a new number of Musical News !

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