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Thriller Reading : fresh finds + submit your music

Almost 4000 followers for my best playlist. Here are the latest adds, listen to it to see what I am seeking for this playlist.

The House by LexX SGM

Perfect dark atmosphere - like “The Walking Dead” soundtrack - added in position 2 !

Resta Torna by Michael It’z

Mysterious pads and some strange beats at the end.

Inspiration Ambient by Alan Al

Ambient soundtrack, without disturbing the readers of thriller books. Just diving us in the fear…

Leaving Nattskift by Bartosz Szpak

Beautiful cinematic dark strings in this track.

Fear, Hate, Love, Indifference by Roman Voropaev

Piano in this music. Stress, dark melody, but still “easy listening” for an ambient background while we are reading.

Stalked by Sam Cartier

A perfect mix between cinematic atmosphere and electro music elements.

Investigation by Maciej Strozniak

Dark and mysterious waves in this music.

Thrilling !!

Flint by Glinca

Another great strange background with FX and audio effects.

Do you have a music which can match with the genre of the playlist?

Submit for free here :

Thank you !

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