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TOP 50 Neo-Classical : playlist updated

Discover my 50 favorite neo-classical tracks on Spotify.

For his birthday, Adrien de la Salle (or Note Only) reached the first pplace with "Danse des Larmes" !

A Fresh Start, (54k streams), by François Maillard, is now in position 3 !

Evolving, by Sylvain Millepied, is still one of my favorite neo-classical musics, so still in the top 5.

And Karen Biehl's fantastic Reflections is in position 3.

Entries :

Brannan Lane : Piano for Dreamers (43th)

Karl Prybyloski : Light Motive (46th)

Luca Fattoretto : Back Home (50th)

Fabian Audisio : Algo Nuestro (8th)

Rendez-vous next sunday for a new update.

You can submit your music to the playlist for free here.

And enter the new contest, to win a special issue of Musical News Magazine 100% devoted to your music.

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